The basic principle of Art in Transit was to create a fun care free brand, that was not wrapped up kudos and what is considered to be acceptable cool.

Mostly coming from the angle that we could not find easily the fix that we were looking for we decided to head out and create the pieces that we needed to wear to express ourselves.

Something that always interested me was using references’ graphically or iconic style items to express something about what the individual was interested in.

For example, a Kangol bucket hat once worn at the time or now shows people your cultural interests in Hip Hop.

Wearing an Eric B and Rakim t-shirt expresses the same message.

Graphically speaking a lot of references are used over and over again. The delivery is repeated in almost the same way by multiple brands.

We wanted to deliver sub and counter culture references that seemed to be out of the lime light.

Or in other words make shit that was not bait but still live.

The first thing we worked on was taking 1950’s B movie and pulp fiction images and turning them in to fresh tees, hoodies and the like.

Twisting up the colours and referencing the Late 80’s skate brands coming from Cali such as Powel Peralta and Santa Cruz.

Serving up 50’s comic strips in a style that was used by brands that were inspirations and influential to us when we were kids.

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The design philosophy is to take reference points and find new ways to express them.

Taking aspects of culture that may not be as popularised and putting them in a format that is celebrated.

1970’s Fanzine’s with badly hand drawn punk band titles and twisting that on a tee and drop it like it’s a flashy graphic from a candy wrapper. Sometimes to keep it simple and on point you just drop photos or graphics straight on top of that shit.

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Dishing up alternative content in a format that is wearable, and you can slip into your everyday shit.

Art is everything anything can be art, Art in Transit = Art in movement

Everything in motion.